Giussani Solar Portable Temperature Calibrator

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The portable thermostatic calibrator SOLAR has been designed to carry out laboratory and field checks of thermocouples and Pt100; it consists of a tubular vertical well with an internal ceramic pipe and an interchangeable equalising block.
The equalising block, whose large size suits the external dimensions, ensures a proper heat transmission as well as optimal stability and uniformity values; its interchangeability makes it possible to test sensors of various lengths. The block of the equipment has 4 holes (diameter: 5.9, 7.6, 9.8 and 11.7 mm).

Operating range: +200°C to +1100°C
Stability: ±0,3°C (at 1000°C)
Uniformity (at 1000°C)
– Radial ±0,4°C (at 40 mm)
– Axial ±0,4°C (for 60 mm from the bottom)
Mean heating time: 18°C/min
Mean cooling time: 6°C/min
Display resolution: All temperatures: 0,1°C
Display accuracy: ±3°C
Units of measurement: °C – °F – K
Serial interface: RS232
Well diameter: 44 mm
Insert hole depth: 220 mm
Dimensions (W x H x D): 170 x 450 x 330 mm
Calibrator weight: 12 kg

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