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The Bruker LUMOS is a fully automated stand-alone FTIR microscope with an 8x objective and can be used in transmission, reflection and ATR mode. The measurement results in a single file including visible images, spectral data and sample information. For evaluation and visualization of the microscopic data the software provides powerful and intuitive Chemical Imaging functionality.

The LUMOS is a stand-alone FT-IR microscope with an integrated FT-IR spectrometer perfectly matched into its optical design. All components are motorized and electronically coded. The innovation of a motorized ATR-crystal allows the system to switch from transmission or reflection to ATR mode without interaction of the operator, and to measure fully automated sample and background spectra even in ATR mode. The heart of each FT-IR spectrometer is the interferometer. The LUMOS uses a patented, permanently aligned RockSolid interferometer being extremely insensitive against mirror tilts, vibrations and thermal effects.

8x objective for automated measurements in transmission, reflection and ATR

Magnification can be increased to 32x by digital zooming

Image capture by highly resolving digital CCD camera

Motorized Germanium ATR crystal with internal pressure control

Motorized sample stage

Motorized z-drive

All IR-transparent windows and the IR beam splitter are made of ZnSe providing robustness even against high humidity

High sensitive photoconductive MCT detector

Including PC with software

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