Millipore SNAP i.d. Protein Detection System

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Millipore SNAP i.d. protein detection system provides a fast and convenient method for the detection of immunoreactive proteins on western blots. With this unique vacuum driven system, the amount of time required for immunodetection is greatly reduced. What previously took 4 to 24 hours by traditional western blotting methods now takes only 30 minutes to complete without any loss of signal intensity or reduction in blot quality. All immunodetection staps after protein transfer to a membrane (i.e. blocking, washing, and primary and secondary antibody incubations) are preformed utilizing the SNAP i.d. protein detection system.
The system is compatible with most standard blocking buffers and visualization methodologies (e.g. chemiluminescence, fluorescence or colorimetric) and works with polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and nitrocellulose blotting membranes.

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