FortéBio Octet-QK Molecular Analyzer

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The Octet system enables real-time quantification or kinetic characterization of biomolecular interactions. The Octet system is based on proprietary Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI), a label-free and higly sensitive biosensor technology. 

Capabilities: Protein quantitation, Kinetic and affinity analyses, Binding specificity and cooperativity, Kinetic screening

Sampling format: 96-well, black, flat bottom PP microplate

Test volume: 200 µL , non-destructive and recoverable

Sample types: Purified samples, common culture media, crude lysates

Automation: Up to 8 biosensors in parallel, maximum of 96 tests unattended

Optics: 8 channel biosensor manifold, Optical interferometer

Sample plate platform temperature range: 2°C ​above ambient to 40°C

Orbital flow: Staticor, 0 rpm or 100 – 1500 rpm

Dimensions (HxWxD): 475 x 430 x 530 mm

Weight: 23 kg

Weight 23,0 kg

6 months


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