WPI ATC1000 Animal Temperature Controller

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ATC1000 is a low noise heating system for maintaining animal body temperature during experimental procedures. The DC heater is extremely quiet in terms of electromagnetic radiation. This is essential in electrophysiological recordings which are very sensitive to electromagnetic interference.
The controller uses proportional, integral, and derivative (PID) technology in adjusting the DC voltage output. Compared with switched on/off type controllers, PID controllers provide a much more precise and stable control of temperature. The PID approach is also more immune to the variation of the experimental conditions such as change in animal size and unexpected disturbances.
The controller has dual temperature sensing inputs.
• The Probe input is used to monitor the rectal probe to control the animal temperature.
• The other is input is labeled “Output,” because it connects with the heater. It is used to monitor an internal temperature sensor in the heating plate (not included) to prevent the localized hot spots under animal.
The ATC features an auto tuning function that utilizes a fuzzy-logic algorithm to optimize settings automatically. Parameters may also be set manually. The temperature resolution of the controller is 0.1°C. The rectal temperature probe has a 6-ft ultra-flexible shield cable and an RTD sensor. 

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