Sysmex UF-1000i Urine Analyzer

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Using fluorescence flow cytometry, the UF-1000i offers two separate channels: one for bacteria and one for sediment particles. This means you can now detect possible urinary tract infections in about one minute instead of hours, and at a rate of up to 100 samples/hour. And with its other diagnostic indicators, you can easily indicate contaminations, inflammations, bacterial and mycotic infections.

Technology: Urine flow cytometry, Two stains with fluorescent dye, Separate bacteria channel for improved discrimination

Throughput: Up to 100 samples per hour
Sampler: 50 samples on board processing
Sample Volume: Manual mode – 1mL, Sampler mode – 4mL
Parameters: RBC, WBC, Epithelial Cells, Casts, Bacteria
Flagging Parameters: Pathological Casts, Crystals, Small Round Cells, Sperm, Yeast, Mucus
Data Storage: 10,000 samples (incl. Scattergrams)
Dimensions (WxDxH): 580 x 686 x 615 mm
Weight: 67 kg
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