Maelstrom 4810 Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction Platform

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The Maelstrom 4810 is an automated nucleic acid extraction platform designed for medium to high throughput applications. Specialized spinning tips provide high performance in magnetic bead mixing and higher volume processing. The operation of the instrument is convenient and trouble-free. It is a device that is easy to operate, significantly increasing the productivity of the laboratory.

Principle of operation

The instrument uses a magnetic rod to collect and transfer the magnetic beads from well to well and mix the solution evenly with swirl tips. During the mixing process, nucleic acid can be adsorbed by magnetic beads, and purified DNA and RNA are obtained after the process of lysis, washing and elution. The Maelstrom 4810 is equipped with a UV lamp and HEPA filter for decontamination and an easy-to-use touch screen.


This instrument is an automatic system that purifies and isolates mainly nucleic acid (DNA and RNA).

The Maelstrom 4810 is a completely open system that can be easily programmed by yourself to suit your own extraction chemistry or used together with one of the many kits available in TANBead.

Main specification

Model Name: Maelstrom 4810

Net Weight: Approx. 60 kg

Instrument dimension: W58 x D43 x H47 cm

Power requirements AC100-AC240V

Processing capacity: 1~48 samples/pass

Processing volume: 50~1600μl

Spin speed: 500~3000rpm

Heating system: 12x heating blocks

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