Agilent G2539A DNA Microarray Scanner

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Agilent’s DNA Microarray Scanner with SureScan
High-Resolution technology is the key component of microarray-based applications
in which increased coverage of the genome is a necessity. Whether performing
gene expression studies, array CGH, miRNA profiling, or other novel
applications, scanning technology is responsible for providing the highest
quality data.

The scanner provides an
expanded dynamic range of 6 orders of magnitude and a unique autofocus feature
that coordinates continual focus across the array, adjusting for any potential
glass aberrations or curvatures. The system is fully integrated and all
components are guaranteed for enhanced functionality when used with Agilent’s
microarrays, which helps ensure the highest levels of sensitivity and data

Dynamic range: 104 (16-bit data format), 105 (20-bit data
format),106 (with XDR scanning)

Dynamic auto focus: Continually adjusts scanner’s focus,
keeping features in focus at all times

Autoloader: 48-slide carousel allows for hands-off operation

Integrated barcode reader: Reads code 128 (A,B,C), Code 39,
Code 93, and CODABAR

Compatible dyes: Cyanine 3 and Cyanine 5, and Alexa 647,
555, and 660

Laser information: SHG-YAG laser, 532nm; Helium-Neon laser,

Scan window maximum: 21.6 mm x 71 mm

PMT adjustment: Allows adjustment of signal levels from 100%
(default) to 1%

Detection limit: 0.05 chromophores per square micron

Pixel placement error: 1 pixel at 5 micron resolution

Uniformity: 5% CV global non-uniformity; average local
non-uniformity is typically 1% based on 100 micron features

Scan time: 2-color simultaneous data acquisition in 15
minutes per for 3 micron scans and 20 minutes for 2 micron scans (scan region
of 61 mm x 21.6 mm)

Dimensions (H x W x D): 550 x 900 x 635 mm

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