SteriCube One Mobile Outdoor Cleanroom Unit

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The SteriCube One is a unique prefabricated and ready-to-ship mobile cleanroom unit that consists of a technical area, a classified area, a Personnel Air Lock and Material Air Lock. The technical area of this unit contains the air treatment systems and connection points for utilities. Our integrated patented VIX-concept guarantees you the most energy efficient outdoor cleanroom solution.
Thanks to its mobile nature, SteriCube is an excellent cleanroom product to market as a solution for companies looking for additional cleanroom space, companies in their start-up phase, incubators or universities. After a rental period in the past, this SteriCube has been profoundly refurbished.


• External dimensions: 3,40 x 10,40 m

• External height: 3,60 m

• Internal dimensions cleanroom 3,00 x 6,20 m

• Internal dimensions PAL: 1,20 x 2,25 m

• Internal dimensions MAL: 1,74 x 2,25 m

• Internal height: 2,55 m

Technical specifications

• ISO-classification: Up to ISO6

• cGMP-classification: Up to cGMP D

• Automation: CleanConnect / cGMP Connect

What is included?

• Air handling equipment (patented VIX-concept)

• Pressure control & temperature control

• Varnished PVC flooring

• Built-in lights of 500 LUX

• Single-leaf doors with oculus and interlock

What is excluded?

• Transport

• Furniture

• Testing, validation and commissioning

• Qualification documentation

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