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BSL-2 Lab


Biosampling area

Simple and safe sampling via safety drawer and optional
“glove box” based on the Korean model

3-zone partitioning

HEPA filter system and air conditioning separation of the
sampling area from the analytical area. This prevents contamination and
achieves a functional separation of the working areas.

Directive-compliant personal protection

Integrated and individually approved safety cabinet with
personal and product protection function according to safety level 2 BioStoffV

real-time PCR system

The real-time PCR system is available in the basic version,
CE/IVD-compliant system (96 samples / 45 min) Intelligent Sample Management
sample management system via QR code. Sample IDs are assigned to the personal
data by scanning with a smartphone. The sample status can thus always be
tracked in compliance with DSGVO.



Pureprep TTS

The PurePrep TTS is an automated liquid handling device that
transfers liquid fast, accurately, and consistently from tubes to Deep Well
microtiter plates. Both the tubes and plates are equipped with barcodes read by
scanners to track and trace samples throughout the complete workflow. This
system is developed to decrease the hands-on time, increase the lab’s accuracy,
reduce contamination risks by decapping and capping tubes, and transfer samples
from the tubes to plates. It is optimized for processing PurePrep TL+ samples

NEXTGENPCR instrument

The latest PCR machine by MBS has been improved in every
possible aspect, using MBS Heat transfer technology. These improvements were of
such a scale that the inventors named the machine: Next Generation PCR. The
instrument has ramp rates of more than 1000 degrees per second. Go from melting
to annealing in less than 0.1 second. Total PCR reaction time is between two
and ten minutes

PurePrep 96 (1 machine present)

If you prefer isolated and purified RNA for your COVID-19
RT-PCR analyses, take a look at the PurePrep 96 robot. Fast, clean and reliable
RNA extractions with an easy to use instrument

CleanAir BioVanguard

The safety cabinets offer optimum protection for product,
user and environment in places where substances with biosafety levels 1, 2 and
3 are used. This series meets the highest requirements in terms of quality,
biological safety, reliability, ergonomics and user-friendliness. In addition,
both energy consumption and noise levels are low.Especially for applications
with a high microbiological risk or toxic applications, such as the production
of cytotoxic drugs, there is the BioVanguard.

Gentier 96 PCR system (1 machine present)

The product has various advantages including advanced
efficient temperature control system and photoelectric system, powerful and
easy-to-use software analysis function, and user-friendly control method, etc.
and can easily process downstream multiplex gene detection, quantitative
analysis, SNP analysis, dissociation curve analysis and other applications.

FLUOstar Omega

The FLUOstar is a multi-mode microplate reader with six
detection modes. It utilizes an ultra-fast UV/vis spectrometer or filters for
absorbance as well as highly sensitive filters for all other detection modes.
The FLUOstar Omega is the ideal plate reader for life science applications.

Dry block heater

Versatile Dry Block Heaters are ideal for applications that
require temperature stability. All units hold 4 optional interchangeable
modular blocks with over 40 choices. Blocks are easy to use, no tools required.
Close tube-toblock contact enables maximum heat retention, resulting in
efficient heating. Digital models offer exceptional temperature uniformity and
stability for repeatable results, while non-digital models are an economical

Dlab DM0412

Clinical centrifuge support applications with small sample
volumes in clinical, industrial and research laboratories. Easy to program and
operate to achieve high accuracy with speed control. Rotor speed can be set and
concisely displayed by RPM or G-force from 300 rpm to a max. of 4500 rpm/2490xg
(increment: 100 rpm).



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