Invitrogen Tali Image Based Cytometer

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The Invitrogen Tali Image-Based Cytometer is a 3-channel (bright field, green fluorescence, red fluorescence) imaging platform that performs suspension cell–based assays right from the benchtop. With the Tali cytometer, three-parameter population analysis can be completed in approximately 1 minute per sample using 25 μL sample volumes. In addition to the bright field channel, the Tali Image-Based Cytometer features two fluorescent channels (green and red), enabling it to simultaneously count green or red fluorescent stains, as well as cells expressing GFP and RFP. The Tali also offers an intuitive user interface, provides the option to save data and generate a report, which can then be transferred to a PC using the USB drive. Other features include presenting comprehensive data with graphic reports and allowing the export of data as .csv (comma separated value), .jpg, .fcs, and .pdf files for archiving and sample comparisons. 

Processing time: 10 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on the number of fields captured

Sample concentration range: 1 x 10– 1 x 107 cells/mL

Particle/cell diameter range: 5 – 60 µm

Required sample volume: 25 µL

Optics: 3 channels (bright field, green fluorescence, red fluorescence)

Excitation: Green channel LED (458 ± 20 nm), Red channel LED (530 ± 20 nm)

Green channel filter: 466/40 EX, 495 LP Di, 525/50 EM

Red channel filter: 543/22 EX, 580 LP Di, 585 LP EM

Camera: 1.3 Mega pixels, 4x objective, 4x or 16x digital zoom

Dimensions (WxDxH): 290 x 450 x 290 mm

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