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The MACSQuant Analyzer 10 brings to life the versatility and power required for modern flow cytometry applications. Whether mining for rare cells, analyzing the efficiency of your cell manufacturing process or investigating signaling pathways, you are equipped for the task at hand. With a range of automated features, this flow cytometer lays the foundation for true automation present in all instruments belonging to the MACSQuant Family of flow cytometers.

Laser excitation (spatially separated): 405 nm (40 mW), 488 nm (30 mW), 640 nm (20 mW) 

Emission detectors: FSC: 488/10 nm, SSC: 488/10 nm, V1: 450/50 nm, V2: 525/50 nm, B1: 525/50 nm, B2: 585/40 nm, B3: 655–730 nm, B4: 750 nm LP, R1: 655–730 nm, R2: 750 nm LP

Fluorescence sensitivity and resolution: MESFs (CV <5%), FITC <200, PE <100, APC <150

Flow cell dimensions: 200 x 250 μm

Fluorescence detectors: Optimized with spectrally matched PMTs for all channels

Minimal uptake volume: 1 μL (25 μL recommended for volumetric counting applications)

Sample flow rate: 25, 50, or 100 µL/min or automate flow rate to maintain 500, 1000, or 2000 events/second 

Measurement speed: <25 minutes per 96-well plate (5 μL measurement volume per well)

Sample uptake: 1–450 µL

Maximal event rate: Up to 15,000 events/second

Dimensions (WxDxH): 669 x 500 x 554 mm

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