BD FACSAria II Flow Cytometric Cell Sorter

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The FACSAria II, developed by Becton Dickinson, is a
benchtop high-speed flow cytometric cell sorter. It has a fixed-alignment
cuvette flow cell providing superior fluorescence sensitivity compared to other
flow cell types. The optical system is configured with a 488 nm blue solid
state laser, a 635 nm red laser, and 375 nm near-UV laser.

High-speed multicolor sorting is possible with digital acquisition rates of up to 20 000 events / second. Cells can be sorted (4-way) into 5 or 15 mL tubes or into various well-plates as single or multiple cells per well. Next to cell sorting, multicolor analysis is possible of up to 7 parameters. 


· 3 lasers

· Blue (488 nm), Red (633
nm), Near-UV (375 nm)

· Computer w/ FACSDiva 6.1.3

· 2 monitors

· Motherboard W10 ready

· Fluidics Cart

· Temperature Control

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