Ehret Aura Mini Laminar Downflow Workstation

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Aura Mini is a partially recirculating downflow cabinet with air being filtered by an HEPA (H14) filter with 99.995% overall collection efficiency on 0.1 – 0,2 μm particles (MPPS), before entering the work area at a speed of 0.45 m/sec; this ensures a Class 100 (FED STD 209E) – ISO 5 (ISO 14644-1 Standard) environment throughout the work area.

Two configurations are available: INWARD air barrier and OUTWARD air barrier, that can be easily chosen by a simple mechanical operation.

INWARD air barrier: In this configuration an air barrier is pulled through the front opening and recirculated with the downflow air by a motorblower. 70% of the air is returned to the work area through the main HEPA (H14) filter and 30% is exhausted into the environment through a Filtrete airfilter with gravimetric efficiency of 99% on 3 μm particles. In this configuration an excellent product protection is ensured, as well as an outstanding containment.

OUTWARD air barrier: In this case the air is pulled through the Filtrete airfilter, mixed with the incoming recirculating air and then filtered through the main HEPA (H14) filter into the work area. Here 30% of the air is exhausted through the front opening and 70% is recirculated. This configuration ensures the highest product protection.

Work chamber dimensions (WxDxH): 750 x 430 x 480 mm

Overall dimensions (WxDxH): 820 x 580 x 790 mm

Front opening height: 180 mm

Weight: 55 kg

Noise level:  < 52 dB(A)

Lighting: 1200 lux

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