BioQuell Microflow ABS1200UV Downflow Cabinet

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The Microflow Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation is designed specifically for product protection.

The cabinet works on a recirculating principle. It is a self balancing unit, drawing its make up air through the front aperture; approximately 70% of the airflow within the working area is then recirculated via the main HEPA filter, with the remaining 30% being exhausted out via the exhaust HEPA filter.

Glass Working Height: 200mm

Front Screen: Laminated Glass

Inner Liner: Crevice Free 316 Stainless Steel

Work Area: Recessed 316 Stainless Steel

Construction: Mild Steel with powder coating

Noise Level: <65 dBA at 1m

Lighting: 800 lux at work surface

Filters: 99.999% HEPA (replaced beginning of 2022)

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