Labogene Mars Pro 1500 Biological Safety Cabinet

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Mars Pro class 2 safety cabinet 

Mars Pro is a class 2 microbiological safety cabinet with a focus on safety, featuring ergonomic V-shaped air entry, an intelligent and informative microprocessor, high light intensity, with visibility through side windows and an easy-to-clean interior with easily replaceable HEPA filters and the lowest noise level

Year built: 2020

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Down flow, air velocity: 0.28 m/s ±0.01

Inflow, air velocity: 0.45 m/s

Exhaust, air flow rate: 486 m3/h

Light illuminance: > 2000 Lux

Front opening (height): 200 mm  (adjustable between 0 – 300 mm)

Interior equipped with a granite stone segment

3 filter version

Dimensions (DxWxH): 797 x 1609 x 2033 mm

Internal dimensions (DxWxH): 480 x 1500 x 700 mm

Weight: 320 kg

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6 months


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