Nuaire NU-440-400E Biological Safety Cabinet

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The laminar flow biological safety cabinet, (LFBSC) is a product resulting from the development of the laminar flow principle and the application of enviromental controls as required in the field of biological research or chemical containment. The LFBSC, when used with proper technique, is an effective laboratory aid in obtaining the optimum control over product quality while reducing the potential for exposure of both product and personnel to airborne biological and particulate chemical agents in low to moderate risk hazard research and drug preparation.

Inflow velocity: 0.53 m/s

Dimensions (HxWxD): 1600 x 1362 x 835 mm

Internal dimensions (HxWxD): 724 x 1178 x 597 mm

Weight: 227 kg

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Weight 227 kg

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