New Brunswick FibraStage Cell Culture System

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FibraStage is an inexpensive, labor-saving and disposable cell culture system capable of producing proteins, viruses or cell mass from anchorage-dependent and suspension cultures. The system uses 500 mL disposable bottles pre-filled with FibraCel disks, a unique solid-support matrix for cell growth. FibraCel provides a low-shear environment and extremely high surface area (100 cm²) for cell growth, equivalent to dozens or even hundreds of T-flasks and roller bottles. Each FibraStage system holds up to four bottles, capable of yielding 2 x 10¹⁰ cells. Oxygenation and media mixing are simply and effectively accomplished by placing the bottles in the FibraStage device, which collapses bellows at the base of each bottle forcing media up through the disk bed. Cells remain entrapped in the disk bed during the entire run, simplifying media replacement and product recovery. The system eliminates autoclaving, cleaning, lengthy learning curves, costly start-up, and cross-contamination issues between batches, and requires only a standard CO₂ incubator.

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