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WAVE Bioreactor is the ideal device for cell culture. Culture medium and cells contact only a presterile, disposable chamber called a Cellbag that is placed on a special rocking platform. The rocking motion of this platform induces waves in the culture fluid. These waves provide mixing and oxygen transfer, resulting in a perfect environment for cell growth that can easily support 10 x 10-6 cells / ml. The bioreactor requires no cleaning or sterilization, providing the ultimate ease in operation and protection against cross-contamination.

The WAVE Bioreactor provides a closed system that is ideal for virus production. In a gene therapy application, human 293 cells have been grown in suspension and then infected with recombinant adenovirus. Cells grew to 4×10-6/ml and virus production was 100,000 virus particles/cell. The WAVE Bioreactor produces viruses under complete
containment without the need for a biosafety cabinet.

WAVE Bioreactors are in use in cGMP applications producing inoculum for large conventional bioreactors, and also for clinical and commercial production of human therapeutics. Reduced cleaning and validation requirements make this an ideal system for cGMP applications.

The high oxygen supply capability of the WAVE Bioreactor makes it ideal for insect cell culture. Cell densities over 9×10-6 cells/ml are routinely achieved. Baculovirus yields are higher than with conventional bioreactors. The WAVE Bioreactor system is extremely easy to operate and inoculum scale-up and infection can be done inside the bioreactor, reducing the need for transfers.
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