Bio-Rad Criterion Electrophoresis Cell

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The Criterion cell is a midi electrophoresis cell dedicated to running one or two Criterion gels, which are wider and longer than traditional mini gels. With a single Criterion gel, you can run up to 26 samples in less than 1 hr or accommodate an 11 cm ReadyStrip IPG strips for 2-D applications. The Criterion cell accommodates Criterion precast or handcast gels.

Features and Benefits:

Compact size requires only 1 L running buffer

Integrated cassette buffer chamber simplifies assembly and ensures that the system will never leak

Safe, easy-to-open cassettes use a built-in wedge on the lid to open gel cassettes in a single step

Locator slots built into the tank walls allow easily and quickly slide cassettes into position

Ability to separate more samples in fewer runs and resolve more proteins

Run 2-D gels in less than a day

Applications and Uses:

Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE or SDS-PAGE)

2-D gel electrophoresis

Screen new samples

Evaluate sample preparation conditions

Number of gels: 1–2

Precast gels: Criterion precast gels

Handcast gels: Gels prepared in Criterion empty cassettes

Gel size (WxL): 133 x 87 mm

Gel thickness: 1.0 mm

Total buffer volume: 1 L

Typical running conditions: 200 V constant

Recommended power supply: PowerPac Basic or PowerPac HC

Dimensions (WxLxH): 144 x 223 x 195 mm

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