Ultra Violet Products CL-1000S Shortwave UV Crosslinker

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The UVP CL-1000 UV Crosslinker is a multi-purpose ultraviolet exposure instrument for use in the laboratory. Utilizing a 254nm shortwave ultraviolet (UV) radiation, the Crosslinker has the ability to perform a wide variety of applications. The Crosslinker is not limited to just fixing nucleic acid. The versatile wavelength is effective in many applications, compatible with most molecular biology experiments. CL-1000 UV Crosslinker can be used to nick ethidium bromide stained DNA in agarose gels, a step in alternating contour-clamped homogeneous electric field gel electrophoresis (CHEF). CHEF is a type of pulsed field gel electrophoresis, when used with the CL-1000 UV Crosslinker, can resolve DNA fragments greater than five megabases with clarity and ease.

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