Scie-Plas GD-4534 Vacuum Gel Dryer

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The GD-4534 vacuum gel dryer is ideal for drying sequencing gels or multiple small size gels.

GD-4534 features:

• Size 45 x 34 cm (W x L) – holds one TVS1400 gel or up to fifteen 10 x 10 cm mini gels.

• Guaranteed drying within 1 hour – for sequencing gels with dimensions up to 50 x 40 cm.

• Precise temperature control – in steps of +/- 2°C up to a maximum of 90°C.

• Precise timer control – of the heating element and the vacuum pump – in steps of +/- 1 minute up to a maximum of 5 hours.

• Removable mylar sheet and porous polyethylene sheet – allow the gel dryer to be adapted for thin polyacrylamide gels and thicker agarose gels.

• Translucent silicone rubber layer – allows the gels to be visible during the drying process.

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