Mettler Toledo RAININ Liquidator 96 Manual Pipetting System

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Pipetting all 96-wells simultaneously simplifies micro-volume applications such as ELISA, cellular assays, qPCR, and protein crystallization. With better accuracy and precision, Mettler Toledo’s RAININ Liquidator 96 ensures the streamlining of 96-well plate applications. The pipette is compact, requires no electricity and has a volume range of 5 to 200 µl. The manual Liquidator 96 is extremely user-friendly, so training is hardly necessary.

Volume range: 5 µL – 200 µL

Increase (manual): 0.2 µL

Accuracy: ±1%/200 µL, ±1%/100 µL, ±2%/20 µL, ±5%/5 µL

Tip Technology: Lite Touch System LTS, High Throughput Pipette

Maximum volume: 200 µL

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6 months


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