Karl Fischer Coulometric titrator with Head space module

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Manufacturer ECH Halle D.

Reconditioned (as new) including installation and software.

Karl Fischer titrator in which the necessary I-ions are released from the solvent/reagent in a Coulometric manner.

No other reagents are necessary, nor are titer adjustments. Samples can be placed in the dedicated headspace module without any pre-processing. The module heats the research material to a maximum of 300°C and transfers the released water to the titrator with an inert gas stream. The carrier gas itself is contained in a closed system, which means that gas drying is not necessary. Because the headspace is programmable, water delivery against temperature can be determined.

This unique method works very stably and uses hardly any (expensive) reagent.


Temperature range: ambient temp. 300°C

Furnace performance: 100 W

Sample vials: 40mm (H) x 22mm (Diameter)

Sample volume: 5 ml or less (through adapter)

Capacity: 30 sample vials + 1 position for blank test

Weight 0,0 kg

1 year


Used, in good condition


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