Büchi B-684 Fraction Collector

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A robust, precision instrument suitable for virtually all types of fraction collection and capable of functioning equally well either as a stand alone unit or as the principal module in Buchi Chromatography systems. The collection process is on an elapsed time basis which can be preset from 1 second to 999 minutes per fraction. A three-way solenoid valve is employed to divert flow to waste during changeover.
The unit is equipped with three switched and three direct power output sockets to enable detectors, pump, gradient former etc. to be powered or controlled by the fraction collector. For precise control of peak separation and collection, the B-684 may be advantageously used in conjunction with the B-686 peak detector or any detector system having a 10mV output. Optional eluant level detectors may be employed to shut down the system in the event of solvent reservoirs running dry or overflowing.

Collection option: 240 x 20ml tubes
Collection time per fraction: 1 to 999 secs/min
Maximum throughput: 200 ml/min
Materials in contact with solvent: PTFE, Kel-F, Kalrez, borosilicate glass
Console inputs: Detector, B-686 Peak Detector, Eluant level detector, Pressure sensor
Console outputs: 3 switched power and 3 continuous, power hangeover valve, power X-Y drive, event marker, recorder
Dimensions (DxWxH): 480 x 420 x 550 mm
Weight: 22 kg
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