Labcyte Deerac LX Reagent Dispenser

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The Labcyte Deerac LX Reagent Dispenser is specifically designed for medium to high throughput dispensing applications.     
The LX reagent dispensers enable high-speed low-volume dispensing of reagents across a wide range of volumes, from 0.05-50 µL. Dispensing methods are programmed using the built-in touch screen display. Up to 10 methods can be programmed and stored in memory. Methods control plate type, dispense volumes, dispense patterns, and gradient volumes. Dispense capabilities include gradients by row or column and across the plate, as well as region dispenses. It has a single, robot-friendly, plate position which can handle 96-, 384-, and 1536-well plates.     
The LX system is based upon the proprietary magnetic feedback control (MFC) dispense technology. This technology enables high speed, non-contact dispensing for low volume assays. For example, a 1536-well plate can be filled in less than 15 seconds.

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