LabLogic SoPie Stop Flow System

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Enhanced Detection for Radiochemical Measurement The combination of HPLC separations and radiochemical detection has been taken to a new level by IN/US. Analysts can now achieve the lowest Limits of Detection in the industry with the SoFie stop flow controller and the Laura software package. A fully automated system designed, supported and maintained by one company is now available from IN/US, the leaders in radiochemical detection. 
Accurate counting of low radioactivity samples
Automated analysis-completely unattended operation
Lowest Limits of Detection for radiochemical measurement
Compatible with all radiochemical detectors
Single point control for the complete system
Prevents loss of volatile or thermolabile analytes
Eliminates off-line collection, preparation and recounting
No requirement of exporting LSC data for analysis
SoFie is part of the family of IN/US instruments covering a wide range of analytical tools and software packages which are designed specifically for the handling, measurement and reporting of radionuclides in a broad range of sample types. IN/US is a lot more than a provider of equipment as we realize that Regulatory Compliance and Validation Services are also required by our customers. Because we are committed to the world of radioactivity we understand customer needs and provide specifically tailored services to meet the ever changing needs of our users. SoFie, through the industry standard Laura software suite, offers Security, Audit Trail and Electronic Signatures which help IN/US users meet and exceed their compliance requirements.
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