Neslab immersion cooler

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Cooling requires the removal of heat. This is carried out by heat exchangers.

The cooling capacity for air-cooled units depends to a great extent on the free flow of cooling air through the two ventilation grids. These grids must therefore be kept free of all obstacles at all times.

Technical specifications:
Voltage: 230V, 50/60Hz
Current: 6,5A
Power: 1000W

Temperature range: -25°C – +40°C

The cooler has two cooling rates:
Max. indicates the maximum cooling capacity to 0ºC.
Min. indicates the possibility to cool to below 0°C.

The connection is for a cryotol temperature control unit, which can keep the temperature constant.

Length cooling element (immersion cooler) = 1,65 meters

Dimensions (W) x (D) x (H): 38 x 53,5 x 31,5 cm

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