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RAL Stainer is an easy to use automated staining unit, compact and efficient. This instrument is used by laboratories with a workload between 30 and 200 slides per day. RAL Stainer offers a backup solution or it can also be used for urgent slide analysis depending on the lab workflow. RAL Stainer runs exclusively with RAL Diagnostics staining kits for different applications: hematology, microbiology, parasitology and mycology. 

RAL Stainer uses a bath staining technique, during which slides are directly immersed in the stain bottles. It is a closed system that only recognizes specifically dedicated RAL Diagnostics reagent kits.  

The slide holder is compatible with standard slides and up to 10 slides can be stained during one staining cycle. 

7 ready to use kits are available to address different applications:   

Microbiology: Gram Hücker and Gram Nicolle 

Mycobacteria staining: Fluo-RAL, Fluo RAL methylene blue, Cold ZN 

Hematology (blood and bone marrow smears): MCDh 

Versatile (Parasitology, Cyto-bacteriology…) RAL 555 

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