Malvern Viscosizer TD Automated Biophysical Characterization Tool

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Malvern Panalytical Viscosizer TD is an automated biophysical characterization tool utilizing Taylor Dispersion Analysis and providing ultra-low volume, solution-based molecular size and stability measurement capabilities, combined with Poiseuille flow for relative viscosity assessment. Viscosizer TD offers biopharmaceutical researchers an orthogonal technique for conformational stability analysis, which is unrivaled in extending into label-free measurements in highly complex solutions, and encompasses a critical size range from small molecules through to protein-based systems.

Light source: Pulsed xenon lamp

Wavelength filter: 254 nm

UV Beam wavelength: 190 to 1100 nm

Band pass: 10 nm

Injection modes: Hydrodynamic injection

Pressure features: On inlet only

Flushing pressure: 0 to 3000 mbar

Temperature control: Samples and buffer cooling, 4°C to 40°C

Equipped with a VSR2009-0384 uncoated capillary

Internal diameter: 75.6 µm

Length to end of window 1: 450 mm

Length to end of window 2: 850 mm

Total length: 1300 mm

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