AstraNet Picodrop CUBE UV/VIS Spectrophotometer

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The Picodrop CUBE is a low volume, short pathlength spectrophotometer that provides the user with the facility to recover their samples after measurements have been taken using in-tip UV pipette technology. It is a full spectrum UV/Vis spectrophotometer which allows for measurements of many sample types commenly analysed in the laboratory. Because of its ultra-small sample requirement and ability to recover the samples, the product is ideally suited to life science applications including DNA, RNA and protein measurements and includes a sampling accesory and software dedicated to these applications.

Pathlength: 1 mm

Sample volume: 2.5 µl (from microplate well or Eppendorf tube up to 2 ml)
Light source: Pulsed Xenon lamp
Detector: 3648 pixel CCD array (UV enhanced)
Photometric linearity: Better than 1%
Photometric range: -0.2 to 2.5A
Wavelength range: 220 to 850 nm
Wavelength accuracy: ±0.5 nm
Spectral bandwidth: < 2 nm
Absorbance precision: 0.003A
Detection limit (DNA): 3 ng/ml
Detection limit (BSA): 0.1 mg/ml
Read time: 2 sec
Dimensions (H x W x D): 180 x 180 x 170 mm
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