Agilent 8453 UV-Vis Spectroscopy System

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Unlike conventional spectrophotometers the Agilent 8453 does not suffer from ambient false light. The open sample area makes it easier to access for cuvette handling and to connect tubing to a flow cell or thermostatable cell holder. The spectrophotometer is shipped with the standard single- cell holder. Standard and accessory cell holders can be removed and replaced in seconds with few or no tools.

The light source for the UV wavelength range is a deuterium lamp with a shine- through aperture. As a result of plasma discharge in a low pressure deuterium gas, the lamp emits light over the 190 nm to approximately 800 nm wavelength range. The light source for the visible and SWNIR wavelength range is a low- noise tungsten lamp. This lamp emits light over the 370 nm to 1100 nm wavelength range.

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