Metertech Model 6+ Mini Photometer

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The M6+ is a portable and cost effective instrument designed to perform ELISA testing in small and medium sized clinics for agricultural, water, and protein studies. With a large LCD and 2 button controls, the instrument can operate with just minimal training. For different type of experiments the samples can be measured through micro well strip, round cuvette, and square cuvette. The M6+ is also  design to accommodate different wavelength filters, to exchange different filters just simply pull out the original filter and insert the desired filter for wavelength change.
M6+ can convert between Absorbance and Concentration value. The instrument also provides Cutoff calculating method to determine positive and negative results.
The wavelength selection is performed by changing filters: just simply pull out the original filter and insert a new one,  supplied with 450 nm.
Light Source: Focalized tungsten lamp
Detector: Silicon photodiode
Wavelength Range: 400~750nm
Bandwidth: 10nm ± 2nm

Measurement Mode: A / C / Cutoff
Concentration: 0.000 ~ 99,999.99
Linearity: ± 2% (0.001 ~ 1.500Abs)
Resolution: 0.001Abs (under 2.000Abs)
Photometric Range: 0 ~2.500Abs
Dimension (W x D x H): 150 x 170 x 50 mm
Weight: 85 g
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