Lovibond PFXi-195/2 Automatic Colorimeter

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Color measurement of petroleum oil & grease

• Integrated RCMSi technology for remote calibration

• Automatic and objective color measurement

• Uniform data according to international standards

• Very robust, chemically resistant steel construction

The PFXi range of spectrophotometric colorimeters introduces a unique concept in liquid color management: RCMSi technology. (Remote Calibration & Maintenance Service via internet). Users can take advantage of remote calibration and service capabilities over the Internet.

The PFXi series comes with a full range of color scales for specific markets. Users can upgrade remote scaling at any time. Each PFXi comes with color management software for data analysis.

The Lovibond PFXi-195 Series is a highly efficient colorimeter for optically clear samples that meets the demand for consistent and reliable color data. It removes all subjectivity involved in color grading and delivers unbiased measurements that are unaffected by the operator or environment. The PFXi-195 series colorimeters automatically measure color and display the results instantly.

The PFXi-195 series has a path length of 50 mm.

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