Bio-Orbit Luminometer 1253 Luminescence Analyzer

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The Bio-Orbit 1253 manual luminometer has been developed to provide maximum convenience and ease of use for luminescence measurements wherever you need to make them.

The 1253 is intended for use with continuous light output reagents, whereby all the reaction constituents are added to the cuvette before loading into the measuring chamber. Measurement is initiated simply by pressing the “START” key, the 1253 will then determine the integrated light emission over a 1 second period. This value can then be read immediately from the liquid crystal display. The display gives a four digit read out with a floating decimal point, thus giving a display range from 0.001 to 9999 relative light units (RLU). A background subtraction facility enables an entered background value to be automatically subtracted from all subsequent samples tested.

Detector: side-window type photomultlplier tube

Principle of measuring: photon counting

Range: 0.001-9999 RLU

Sensitivity: 0.8 femtomoles of ATP per assay

Cuvette size: Diameter 11 – 12.5 mm, height 49 – 70 mm

Dimensions (LxWxH): 305 x 265 x 120 mm

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