Agilent 7500CE ICP-MS

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Agilent 7500 Series ICP-MS systems use efficient low-flow nebulizers and Peltier-cooled Scott spray chambers. All systems support the optional Integrated Sample Introduction System (ISIS) for added flexibility and productivity.

Compact benchtop design permits easy integration into existing laboratory space
All stainless steel chassis for superior corrosion resistance
Open architecture sample introduction area simplifies interfacing to alternate sampling accessories
Peltier-cooled spray chamber for optimum stability and lowest oxide interferences
Fully automatic, computer controlled torch position in all three axes
ShieldTorch System (STS) for highest sensitivity, best ion energy control
Agilent Active Mass Flow Controllers (AMFC) for accurate precise control of all plasma and collision/reaction cell gases
High efficiency digital drive 27 MHz ICP RF generator is all solid state and maintenance free
True hyperbolic profile quadrupole rods for excellent ion transmission and superior abundance sensitivity
Highest frequency, digitally synthesized 3 MHz RF Quadrupole Driver for enhanced mass spectrometer performance
Simultaneous dual mode detector with exclusive high-speed amplifier provides true nine orders of linear dynamic range

Nebulizer: MicroMist glass concentric nebulizer
Spray chamber: Quartz Scott-type
Peristaltic Pump: Agilent design high-precision, 3-channel, 10-roller pump allows precise computer controlled pumping of sample, internal standard, and spray chamber drain. Pump is located adjacent to the spray chamber for fastest rinse in/out and minimum transfer line volume.
Cone: Nickel
Extraction Lenses: Dual on-axis extraction lenses outside high-vacuum region for ease of maintenance permit conventional and soft extraction mode.

Mass range: 2–260 AMU
RF frequency: 3 MHz
Minimum dwell time: 100 µs
Abundance sensitivity: Low Mass <5 X 10-7, High Mass <1 X 10-7
Detector Electronics: Agilent’s unique, log amplifier circuit features a high-speed analog mode for transient signals, and a true nine orders dynamic range. Minimum dwell time: 100 µs (in both pulse count and analog modes) Working concentration range: Detection limit to 500 ppm Maximum measurable concentration can be extended to >1000 ppm in He mode (7500ce, 7500cs) – without any adjustment of analyzer resolution.

System contains:
Agilent 7500 ICP-MS
Cetac ASX-5200 Autosampler
Agilent G1879 Heat Exchanger
Edwards E2M18 Vacuum Pump

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