Vacuubrand PC3004 VARIO EKP Vacuum Setup

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Vacuubrand PC3004 VARIO EKP setup 1.5mbar 4.6m3/h, demo model used 1x!

Chemical resistant

Consisting of MD 4C NT diaphragm pump, CVC 3000 vacuum controller, separator and Peltier emission cooler

Final vacuum: 1.5 mbar

Pumping speed: 4.6 m3/h

Power: max. 530 watts

Dimensions (lxwxh): 419 x 243 x 444 mm

Weight: 21.0 kg

Connection inlet: hose connection Ø 10mm

Outlet connection: hose connection Ø 10mm

Vacuubrand PC3004 VARIO chemical pump setup + control + Peltier cooler

Chemically resistant pump arrangements based on the diaphragm pump type MD 4C NT Vario

Fitted with CVC 3000 vacuum control unit, which in combination with a Vario pump can distil automatically and without the risk of foam formation independent of the solvent

Separator on the suction side, and a Peltier cooler on the pressure side, compactly built on a pump carrier

The round flasks have a capacity of 500 ml and are coated to prevent implosions

Suitable for use with: rotary film evaporators

Diaphragm pump data: Chemically resistant Diaphragm pump type MD 4C NT Vario with control CVC 3000 Three-stage pump, 4 cylinders with excellent resistance to aggressive gases. All materials that may come into contact with the gases are made of high-quality fluoropolymers

Very long service life of valves and diaphragms, combined with a maintenance-free drive system, also make the pump suitable for continuous use

Complete with gas ballast valve for optimum performance even when working with easily condensable vapours

The speed of the pump is very accurately controlled by the integrated control CVC 3000, so that precise control of the vacuum can be achieved

Ideally suited for VacuuLan networks

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