Vacuubrand CVC3000 Vacuum Controller

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Vacuubrand CVC3000 detect Two-point vacuum controller with integrated ceramic membrane vacuum sensor. Graphic LCD with histogram display, illuminated ‘detect’ function for independent boiling point detection Vacuum measurement is integrated in the valve block; connection of the CVC 3000 detect directly between pump and vacuum application Ten programs with vacuum and time presets with ten program steps each can be saved Process run time adjustable from 1 to 1440 min Integrated aeration valve; simple pressure equalization or venting with inert gas possible at the end of the process Non-return valve; no influence of neighboring applications on a vacuum supply Pressure display switchable (mbar, Torr, hPa) Vacuum controller CVC 3000 detect Tripod device Vacuum controller CVC 3000 detect with vacuum valve, aeration valve, non-return valve, mains adapter and tripod holder.

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