Watson Marlow 505U Peristaltic Pump

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The Watson Marlow 505U Peristaltic Pump provides a multichannel, low flow, reversible peristaltic action housed in rugged construction. This peristaltic pump drive has no crevices or dead spots where residue could build-up, or create pockets of bacterial problems, making it an ideal choice for pharmaceutical dispensing. The Watson Marlow 505U Peristaltic Pump has an adjustable flow rate between 0.6 microliters 42 milliliters/min with a speed range up to 300 rpm. The inherent low pulsation of a peristaltic pump and reversible nature makes it great for metering and dosing, or uninterrupted batch consistency. The pump is simple to operate from the upfront, large button membrane keypad and digital display that is lockable for added security. This lab pump has dual voltage capability, automatic restart in the event of a power failure, and ambient temperature tolerance of between 5-40°C/ 41to 104°F.

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