Perkin Elmer 343 Polarimeter

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Polarimetry is an important technique for the investigation and analysis of optically active substances. 

Common applications include:

Characterization of newly synthesized compounds

Quality control of pharmaceutical drugs

Precise quantitative analysis of sugars

Selective detection of optically active components by HPLC

Monitoring and control of enzymatic reactions

Principle: Automatic precision Polarimeter with optical null principle by rotation of the analyzer; automatic gain control.

Radiation: Na spectral lamp

Spectral lines: Selectable from instrument keypad (Na 589 nm)

Apertures: Selectable apertures for standard cells and microcells.

Detector: Photomultiplier 1P28A.

Polarizer and analyzer: Vis-transmitting polarizers

Rotatory range: ± 85°

Balancing speed: 1.3°/s at 50 Hz; 1.5°/s at 60 Hz.

Accuracy: ± 0.002° for rotations ≤1º; ± 0.2% for rotations >1°

Reproducibility: Better than 0.002° (for zero and rotational reading).

Internal angular resolution: 1 x 10-4 º

Integration times: 0.1s, 0.2s, 0.5s, 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, 20s, 50s and 100s.

Autozero setting: Electronically from instrument keypad at any desired position in the rotatory range.

User interaction: Either menu-driven from integrated touch-keys (English, German, French, Spanish and Italian), or PC-controlled from POL WinLab or POL WinLab ES software.

Display: Stand-alone operation: vacuum fluorescence display, two lines with 20 characters each.

Format of results: Selectable from instrument keypad – angular rotation, specific rotation, molar rotation, international sugar scale, user-defined scale with factor and offset.

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