Sympatec Helos/BR + Vibro + Rodos/M + Aspiros Particle Size Analysis

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HELOS/BR is the shortest model version of the instrument family and finds room on every laboratory table. It integrates up to 5 optical modules for a measuring range from below 0.1 µm to 875 µm. A multitude of measuring tasks are fulfilled reliably and offers measuring confidence even to the coarser particle range.


A constant sample mass-flow is of decisive importance for powerful dry dispersing. The controlled vibratory feeding unit VIBRI, equipped with a built in amplitude controller feeds dry powders from 1 mg to 1,000 g constantly and independent of the load in the VIBRI funnel.


The classic RODOS with manual adjustment of the dispersion parameters is ideally suited for individual product applications and applications where the measuring parameters remain constant. The precisely reproducible measurement conditions of flash dispersion form the basis for reliable, repeatable measurement results. Simple access to parts that are in contact with the product – particularly the dispersing line – permits quick and easy cleaning and maintenance by the user.


If only small quantities of valuable products or toxic material from a few to 1,000 micrograms are to be analysed, the micro-dosing device ASPIROS can be applied.

Size range: 0.1 µm – 875 µm

Sample amount: < 1 mg – 1 g

Sample volume: 650 µl

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6 months


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