Malvern Mastersizer APA2000 met Hydro 2000G Module

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Particle counter for liquids from Malvern, type Mastersizer 2000 with Hydro 2000G module.

The Mastersizer 2000 measures the particle sizes in a sample and the proportions and displays them on the computer in a graph, the measurement is done by the particles passing between detectors and a laser.


Technical specifications Hydro 2000G

Capacity: 1 L

Typical applications: Minerals, fillers, chemicals, foodstuffs, emulsions

Maximum particle size: Up to 2000 µm, depending on the shape and density of the particles.


Technical specifications Mastersizer

Particle size: 0.02 µm to 2000 µm


Red: HeNe gas laser with a wavelength of 633 nm

Blue: LED, Wavelength: 466nm

Dimensions (WxDxH): 1330 x 300 x 400 mm


Software with recommended version.

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