Milestone Ethos X Microwave Extraction System

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The new ETHOS X for the Microwave Green Extraction of Natural Products is available in two different and interchangeable configurations, for fragrances and flavors. The ETHOS X takes advantage of a unique microwave selective heating mechanism to produce effective and consistent results time and time again.

The fragrances configuration is based on the solvent-free microwave extraction (SFME) technology for the rapid extraction of essential oils from aromatic herbs, spices and dry seeds. The method involves placing a sample in the microwave reactor. A cooling system outside the microwave continuously condenses the vapors which are collected in a fragrances glassware. The excess of water is refluxed back to the extraction vessel to restore the in-situ water of the sample.

The flavors configuration is based on the microwave hydro-diffusion and gravity technology (MHG), a new and green method of essential oils extraction from various aromatic plants. The microwave hydro-diffusion and gravity technology (MHG) combines microwave heating and earth gravity at atmospheric pressure to allow flavors to diffuse outside the plant material. Outside of the microwave oven a cooling system continuously condenses the extract.

With both methods, after the essential oils are extracted they can be analyzed directly by GC-MS without any preliminary clean-up or solvent exchange steps.

Including IKA RC 2 Control recirculating chiller

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