Liconic Instruments STX44-HRSA Incubators for Robotic Integration

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The STX44-HRSA is designed for integration where the instrument is located on the floor. The STX44-HRSA incubators have their handling and climate controls on the lower part of the instrument. The robotic access Gate is located in the upper part of the housing. The SA configuration does not require table space and an SA configured StoreX can easily be put in position without the need of placing the unit on a table.

Application: Humid MultiRange

Temperature Range: 4 – 50/70°C (depending on humidity)

Temperature Stability: ± 0.3°C

Relative Humidity: 90 – 95%

Communication: RS232 V24, 9600 Baud, ASCII

Dimensions (WxDxH): 485 x 514 x 1230 mm

Transfer height: 1000 mm

Plate capacity: Microtiter 44, Deep well 18, Nanoliter 84

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