Binder CB 160 CO2 – O2 Incubator

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 The Binder model CB160 CO2 incubator includes hot air sterilization and a heat CO2 sensor. The incubator is in superb condition, comes with O2 control and also includes 4x divided inner door.


Main features:

Temperature range: room
temperature plus 7 °C to 60 °C

Humidity range: up to 95% RH

Alternative O2 control ranges:
0.2-20 vol. % O2 or 10-95 vol. % O2 (O, GO versions)

Auto-sterilization with hot
air at 180 °C

Double-pan humidification
system with condensation protection

CO2 gas-mixing jet with
Venturi effect

Hot-air sterilizable CO2
sensor with infrared technology

Display via color LCD monitor

Lockable door handle


Technical specifications and order information:

Voltage: 220-240 V

Current: 5,7 A

Power: 1300 W


Version: CB160-230V-GO

Binder article number: 9040-0102

O2 control: yes

Doors: 1x unit door and 4x divided inner door


Temperature range 7 °C above ambient temperature to [°C]: 60

Temperature variation at 37 °C [± K]: 0.3

Temperature fluctuation at 37 °C [± K]: 0.1

Recovery time after 30 seconds door open at 37 °C [min]: 5


Humidity range: up to 95% RH

Auto-sterilization with hot air at: 180 °C


Outer dimensions (W) x (D) x (H):  680
x 715 x 920 mm

Inner dimensions (W) x (D) x (H):  500 x 500 x 600 mm

Weight (empty): 110 kg

Permitted load: 30 kg

Load per rack: 10 kg

Weight 0,0 kg

1 month


As good as new



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