Atlas XLS+ climatic test chamber

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The Atlas XLS+ is used to provide an accelerated picture of material ageing under the influence of UV light, temperature and moisture. The most common degradations are colour fading or yellowing, flexibility and cracks. – Table model, External dimensions (W) x (D) x (H): 93 x 50 x 48 cm – Table dimensions (W) x (D): 33 x 33 cm – Specimen area: about 1. 000 cm2 – 1 air-cooled 1500 W lamp – 100l water bath for irrigation during testing – Sensor for measuring and controlling irradiation(E) in the range 300 – 800nm – Sensor for measuring and controlling black standard temperature (BST) in the range of ambient temperature up to about 90°C – Sensor for measuring test chamber temperature (CHT) – During testing, irradiation is measured by a photodiode! and electronically controlled to achieve a constant value – During testing, continuous temperature measurements are made by the black standard sensor (BST) – The black standard temperature (BST) is controlled via the speed of the test chamber fan. – The test chamber temperature (CHT) is measured by a temperature sensor in the exhaust air stream of the test chamber. – The test chamber temperature is shown on the display of the programme controller. – While the test programme is running, the measurement data can be transferred to a PC or a printer with a serial interface via the RS 232 port.

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