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CR-DGI Digital Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera 
Images taken can be immediately accessed 
Images produced are ideal for diverse applications including telemedicine, PC-based video conference, electronic filing, and remote storage. 
Simple preparation for image capture  
Eye fixation is simplified by user-friendly internal fixation target 
Small amount of light needed to capture clear images 
Type: Non-mydriatic type 
Angle of view: 45 degrees 
Operation distance: 45mm from the front of objective lens 
Minimum pupil diameter: 4mm 
Image size: Ø 17mm on the sensor 
Attachable digital camera: Canon EOS Digital 
Sensor resolution: 8.3 megapixels with Canon EOS 30D
(Resolution depends on model of attached camera) 
The device is equiped with a Canon EOS 40D SLR Camera Back 
Patient’s diopter compensation range: 
Without compensation lens: -12 to +15D 
With “-” compensation lens: -7 to -33D 
With “+” compensation lens: +11 to +35D 
Working distance adjustment: 
Outer eye display: split pupil alignment 
Retinal display: working distance dots 
Fixation target: Dot matrix 
Light source: 
Observation: halogen lamp, 12V / 50W 
Recording: strobe tube, max. 300W 
Built-in monitor 5-inch monochrome TV monitor 
Data output RS422 
Power supply: 
110 – 120V AC, 60Hz 
220 – 240V AC, 50 / 60Hz 
Dimensions (W x L x H): 324 x 496 x 590 mm
Weight: Approx. 23kg

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