Huqiu HQ-350XT Film Processor

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350XT is an auto film processing controlled by a micro computer. To easily set processing data, adjusting the temperature and speed is set by two groups of potentiometers on the control board. Functions like chemical replenish, ready for film processing, solution low-level indicator and every type of alarm, can be automatically realized through LED indicators of the control panel. Is is easy to understand and operate. Indicators on the control panle would let you know all working status at any time. When chemical temperature reaches set value, what you do is only put a film in and the machine will automatically enter working status and make the processing.

Film formats: All formats (minimum dimensions 90 x 150 mm)

Film applications: X-ray, CT, MRI, etc.
Development time: 20 s to 90 s adjustable
Time of 1 cycle: 90 s to 360 s
Capacity (format 350 x 430 mm): 120pcs /hour (development time 20s)
Temperature settings liquids: 20°C to 40°C (± 0.3°C)
Temperature settings dryer: 40°C to 60°C (± 3°C)
Regeneration: Automatic by surface calculation by using infrared sensors, Manual
Film rinsing: Controlled by internal tap, starts only when film is inserted
Development procedure: Developer, Fixator, Rinse, Dry
Dimensions (H x W x D): 420 x 590 x 770 mm
Frame height: 700 m
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