Olympus BH-2 3 Headed Multi Viewing Binocular Transmitted Light Microscope

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Olympus Binocular head
2 Connections (1 on each side) for a multiple viewing station
Special Features:

Halogen Illuminator for Transmitted Light.
4-Place objectivepiece.

Objective Lenses:

1x Plan Achromatic objective PL 4X/0,10

1x Plan objective PL 10X/0,25

1x Plan objective PL 40X/0,65/S

Olympus Transmitted Light Condenser 0.9

General Features:

Frame model: Olympus BHSU
Stage model: Olympus mechinal XY stage
Transmitted Light Filter: 1 slot

Multi viewing system
Equipped with 2 binocular Olympus heads
Eyepieces not included
Viewing the resolution is much higher than video
System provides image orientation that is identical to the instructor

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