Leica Biocut 2030 Microtome

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The Leica Biocut 2030, previously called the Reichert Jung Biocut 2030 is a unique high performance microtome that can be used in nearly all fields of histological techniques in biology and industry. Equipped with a microtome feed system developed with the latest technology, the Biocut 2030 is a combination of proven and novel specimen holders with an ergonomic design.

The Biocut 2030 Microtome has an absolutely backlash-free, vertical guideway for the specimen cylinder. This Leica microtome is built with exceptionally durable base plate and housing. A truly flexible microtome, the Biocut 2030 also uses a new style universal knife holder system.

Featuring high precision and stability, the Leica Biocut 2030 ensures exact and reproducible section quality in wax and plastic embedded sections. This microtome also prioritizes operator comfort through the ergonomic position of the hand wheel. Along with perfect specimen clamping, the system can quickly change specimen holders.

Other features of the Leica Biocut 2030 microtome include: coarse feed sideways and forward as required, perfect specimen clamping, easy servicing, and vertical slideway and micrometer feed mechanism.

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